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It’s here—Mother’s Day 2024. They may not always be easy to shop for, but what most moms really want is a combination of being pampered and quality time with the family. You can send her off to a spa day or serve her breakfast in bed. Either way, it’s a good idea to have some delicious treats on hand to show her you care. In today’s blog, we’re sharing all of our favorite recipes to make with or for mom this Mother’s Day.

Mother and daughter enjoying coffee together

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Nothing says “I love you” quite like Mother’s Day desserts. Mom is usually the one buying your favorite foods and planning ahead so you have delicious treats. It’s her turn to be showered with love.

You can make most of these Mother’s Day desserts ahead of time, or you can plan to whip something up together. Whether you surprise her or make it a fun joint activity, all of these treats make delicious, edible gifts.


Make these delicious Dandy Blend treats for Mother’s Day 2024.

1. Healthy(ish) Blueberry Muffins with Dandy Blend Crumble Top

These fluffy crumble top muffins will mean so much more to mom than store-bought ones. Plus, they’re guilt-free since they’re made with the best ingredients. Pair them with a warm mug of Dandy Blend for extra brownie points.

2. Caramel Dandy Blend Latte

If your mom’s go-to order is a caramel latte, she’s going to love this better-for-you option. Serve it warm or iced first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up and you’ll be sure to make her day.

3. Pumpkin Alla Vodka Sauce

Serve mom a delicious dinner with our pumpkin alla vodka sauce with Dandy Blend. It’s rich, creamy, and so delicious. Not a pumpkin fan? Swap the pumpkin 1:1 with canned, peeled tomatoes for a more traditional vodka sauce.

4. Dandy Blend “Espresso” Martini Recipe

End the night with a caffeine-free version of mom’s favorite martini. It’s smooth, delicious, and won’t keep her up all night. Serve it with a brown sugar rim and cocktail napkin to elevate her sipping experience.

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