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Dandy Blend is a caffeine-free herbal beverage and coffee alternative. It consists of four ingredients: roasted barley extracts, roasted rye extracts, roasted dandelion root extracts, and roasted chicory root extracts.

Dandy Blend is adored by fans for having the rich, bold, and creamy flavor of real coffee. If you’re trying to quit coffee or just looking to lower your caffeine intake, Dandy Blend provides all of the goodness of dandelion in an instant while still having that coffee taste, smell, look and feel.

But who’s the star? Dandelion, of course!

Hailed by many over centuries for its various health benefits, dandelion is believed to detox the liver, soothe the nervous system, and calm the stomach.

Dandy Blend’s powdered consistency is soluble in any liquid at any temperature, enabling you to create a variety of beverages from iced coffees and lattes to cappuccinos. It can also be used in many recipes to create sweet treats and crafted cocktails.

Dandy Blend’s regular line is available in 7.05 oz, 14.1 oz, and 2 pound bags. It’s also available in a box of 25 singles, perfect for when you’re on-the-go. Dandy Blend’s organic line is available in 3.5 oz and 11 oz bags.

The History of Dandy Blend

In 1990, Dr. Peter Gail found a caffeine-free beverage he liked, but he knew he could make one better. He combined his love of edible plants and dandelion root with his desire to make a beverage that was therapeutic and flavorful, and, in 1994 Dandy Blend was born.

Over the years, Dandy Blend has been introduced to alternative medical practitioners, who in turn introduced it to their clients and demand grew. What started as a basement business graduated to the garage, and, in 2003 to a warehouse in Valley City, Ohio. As it grew, the founder’s family became involved in the operations.  In 2014, Dandy Blend was certified kosher, and in 2016, Certified Organic Dandy Blend was added to the line.

In 2019, Dandy Blend celebrated 25 years as one of the original coffee alternatives.

Our family looks forward to fulfilling your orders and answering your questions. You can reach us at or 800-697-4858.

We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you Peace + Happiness for many years to come!

Dandy Blend is produced by Goosefoot Acres, Inc. launched in 1989 to help people learn how to use the resources nature provides to make the things they need instead of buying them. Chief among these items were the edible and useful wild plants growing underfoot.

About Dr. Peter Gail

Dubbed the “King of Dandelions,” botanist and Dandy Blend Founder Dr. Peter Gail devoted his life’s work to the study of wild plants – particularly the dandelion.

From teaching others how to safely consume freshly foraged weeds, herbs, and roots to using them for medicinal and healing properties, Dr. Gail amassed one of the largest collections of recipes and folklore for wild edible plants in the U.S. His passion for educating others was evident in the various books he published as well as his 16-year tenure as a professor at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Today his daughter, son in law and grandchildren carry on the business in his honor – continuing to share Peace + Happiness with others through his legacy, a sentiment Dr. Gail held dear.

photo of dr. peter gail

The Family

Karin Reale Dandy Blend CFO

Karin Reale

Daughter of Dr. Peter Gail

Karin Reale is the daughter of Dr. Peter Gail, founder of Dandy Blend, and is passionate about helping others succeed in achieving their dreams.

A spiritual person who puts family first, Karin’s first job was helping her father plan itineraries and travel abroad for his foreign exchange classes when he was a professor. It opened her mind to how large the world is, and she believes it played a role in developing her trait as a forward-thinker. Today, she puts that characteristic to work for her, and her family, in continuing the legacy that her dad began and growing the Dandy Blend family through new customers and wholesalers.

When she’s not working in the garden, attending sporting events, or busy fulfilling her board duties with the local chamber and other organizations, Karin can be found spending time with her family. Following in her father’s footsteps, she loves growing her own herbs and creating tinctures and seasonings with them.

Something you may not know about Karin:

“As a business owner and consummate professional, you may be surprised to learn that I enjoy a good sound bowl session in my downtime.”

A fond memory of Dr. Peter Gail:

He was one of the best listeners and always said it was the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law, that is most important.

Dandy Blend instant herbal beverage hat - Anthony Reale

Anthony Reale

Grandson of Dr. Peter Gail

Anthony Reale is the son of Karin and Dominic, and grandson of Dr. Peter Gail. A sports fan through and through, he oversees the shipping and all warehouse activity – ensuring Dandy Blend makes it safely to your front door.

Calling Dandy Blend home for all of his professional career now, Anthony’s first job was working the computer system for UPS orders and shipping. Now overseeing that entire aspect of the business, he’s also using his creative talents to create the soon to be released Dandy Blend podcast. His grandfather remains a part of who he is and what he does every day.

Something you may not know about Anthony:

“When I first started working for the family company I was also my grandfather’s personal driver. I took him everywhere. We also did a lot of camping and outdoors activities.”


A fond memory of Dr. Peter Gail:

When we would stop by his house after work, we would sit on the couch in his office while he sat at his desk and it was almost like a therapy session. We would talk about the day and how it went, and he would talk about how everything was going for the company. We would talk for hours. It was a bonding moment I’ll hold close to my heart forever.

Dom Reale headshot

Dominic “Dom” Reale

Son in law of Dr. Peter Gail

From janitorial to CEO duties, Dom does a little bit of everything under the sun as the organized, hardworking and generally laid-back key member of the team. From the start, he was given free rein to keep the company growing in an organized fashion. He attributes the fact that there is nothing else quite like Dandy Blend on the market paired with how hard the whole family works together to the growth they’ve seen over the years.

Something you may not know about Dom:

“I actually have a graphic design degree and worked in printing for some time.”

A fond memory of Dr. Peter Gail:

He always said “if you can do a project cheaper than you can hire someone to do it, then do it.” That stuck with Dom, being someone who likes to be hands-on and always keep busy.

Gina Reale headshot

Gina Reale

Granddaughter of Dr. Peter Gail

Gina Reale is the daughter of Karin and Dominic, and granddaughter of Dr. Peter Gail. She’s “the girl behind the scenes” with a finger on just about every part of the business.

An avid Dandy Blend fan herself, Gina is a positive, energetic, and kind-hearted soul who loves to get her hands dirty in the garden and watch things grow. She has the same sentiment about the family business – feeling blessed in more ways than she can count to work with her family at a company her grandfather started, continuing to watch it grow each and every day.

Something you may not know about Gina:

“I’m also a model and an actress. Keep an eye out and you’ll catch me in some of Dandy Blend’s product and merchandise photo shoots.”

A fond memory of Dr. Peter Gail:

She has two: his favorite saying was “Peace + Happiness” and he always reminded her that sometimes it is okay to embrace self-care and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.