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When I got breast cancer I completely changed my diet. It was a no-brainer to eliminate meat and dairy. I also found that caffeine in coffee made me more anxious than I already was. Transitioning from coffee to D-Blend was so easy! One of my favorite ways to drink it is to make a latte, using hemp or oat milk.

SandraCanadian Customer

I am completely addicted!! Can you have too much? I have literally replaced coffee… this is so delicious, satisfying, no bitter jittery coffee negatives! I love it… I bought a small bag and literally ordered a 2lb. bag the first day I tried it… it’s been a week, I love it and sleep so much better without the stimulating coffee/caffeine pulsing through my blood stream!!

@kasorell117Customer & Instagram Evangelist

I just started drinking Dandy Blend and I love it so much!!!! I recently had to stop drinking coffee (my favorite thing in the entire world) because of a health issue and it is the perfect replacement. Thank you for having such a wonderful product.

@caitlinshields21Customer & Instagram Evangelist

Just wanted to write and say how much I love your product. I’d been hearing about dandelion root drinks for ages (thank holistic nutritionist and TV sensation Gillian McKeith) but it wasn’t until this week that I finally got brave enough to purchase a small package of your product. First cup.... eh, didn’t blow my mind. Second cup.... better. Third cup, fourth cup, etc..... amazing! That’s all it took. I’m hooked. I love it. Thank you.

KimAmazon Customer

I just want to say I’m OBSESSED with you. I’m breastfeeding at the moment and as a coffee addict it’s been so hard limiting my intake to just one cup a day. That is, until I found Dandy Blend! I seriously can’t believe how good it is. I’m really not a tea person so everything else I tried just wasn’t cutting it. Thank you for making this product!!!”

Karla M.Customer for LIFE!

Seriously I am SO incredibly grateful for Dandy Blend. It has allowed me to give my body the break I need from coffee without even missing it! It has given me my freedom to break my dependency on caffeine and I am so grateful.

@thegolden.gutGrateful Customer

We love Dandy Blend...even MORE than coffee. My wife and I have been drinking Dandy Blend for about 6 months now and don’t want to ever be without it. We like it even better than the coffee we used to be addicted to.

George W.It's a family affair

We love Dandy Blend. We recently switched to serving Dandy Blend at our retreat facility and everyone loves it. I’ve received untold enthusiastic comments about how good the flavor is, how good they feel drinking it, how much they like the label, how glad they are they can finally drink a coffee substitute again…and I think, I’m so glad it’s so affordable. It is a joy to be able to offer Dandy Blend to our retreat guests and residents.

JacobSatisfied Customer

Love it. The rich taste is even better than real coffee! I love Dandy Blend! You can even sprinkle the powder over vanilla ice cream and make a really nice treat. The rich taste of Dandy Blend possibly even exceeds the great taste of real coffee. Thank you for a fantastic product.

Barb O.Better than real coffee!

I was legit a coffee addict to the extreme! We are talking like 6-8 espresso a day hahah + iced coffee like it was water or something!! 🤣😂🤣 A few years ago I saw a post by high carb Hannah (@highcarbhannah) about Dandy Blend and at that time I was already trying to reduce my coffee intake! I bought my first batch and have been whole heartedly committed ever since!

Abiola P.Dandy Blend Evangelist


Your brand has been a life saver for me over the last 5 years!


So perfect for travel or the office!


Dandy Blend has been so amazing during my pregnancy! I tell all my momma friends to try!!


I’m obsessed with Dandy Blend. I can’t have coffee for my stomach so having to cut it out and finding your product was a lifesaver.

J. Hunter

I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I’ve tried other non-coffee bean hot drinks and was disappointed. However, Dandy Blend tastes as close to real coffee as you can get!

Ava W.

Dandy Blend is the only beverage product on the market that has truly replaced my coffee (french roast!) habit. I LOVE this product! Thank you.


Thank you for making such a wonderful product that I am able to use and also not worry about my 1 ½ year old drinking. I’m a customer for life!


Thank you for making this option available in the market, with my adrenal fatigue and autoimmune it’s amazing to find a drink that picks me up.


I somehow stumbled onto your amazing product. I’ve tried other coffee replacements and just couldn’t deal with them. Dandy Blend is delicious. Really yummy with homemade almond milk and as a mocha. You definitely have a new customer!!!

Cindy S.

Dandy Blend has solved several issues for me and its’ so easy to make. Tastes great and I don’t add sugar….wahooooo.


I like the ease of preparing it. I make iced coffee with Dandy Blend and like how easy it is to just add water, ice and some milk.

Amy Z.

I’ve tried to wean myself off of coffee for 10 years. Happy to report I’m a month free and counting…thanks to Dandy!

Beth M.

My first order of Dandy Blend just arrived and now nicely hot and rich coffee flavorful, I paused sipping to tell you and the entire Dandy crew it is utterly delightfully perfect. That is what Dandy Blend taste delivers!!!

Osha M.

Thanks for making a delicious drink! I’ve been drinking it on and off for almost 10 years. I just cleansed myself of coffee and am enjoying Dandy Blend again.

J. Hunter

I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I’ve tried other non-coffee bean hot drinks and was disappointed. However, Dandy Blend tastes as close to real coffee as you can get!

Faith B.

I just tried your product and wanted to let you know how impressed I am!!! It is so good – no bad flavors of weird aftertastes. Best on the market! Thank you.

Silvana V. @silvanalavegana

I think Dandy Blend is better than coffee, and I’m from Guatemala so I know about good quality coffee – but Dandy Blend totally wins for me!

Kat M.

I absolutely adore the taste and as a dandelion fan who tries to avoid caffeine this is a godsend! I also can’t wait for my 10 year old to try it as a hot cocoa. You made a new fan in me and I look forward to Dandy Blend being a staple in my home for years to come.