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There are many ways to enjoy Dandy Blend! The powder is soluble in any type of liquid at any temperature. The best way to try Dandy Blend for the first time is by itself with hot water.

Directions for mixing Dandy Blend with hot water:

  • 1 level tsp per 8 oz water = tea like beverage
  • 1 rounded tsp per 8 oz water = rich, full bodied coffee
  • 1 heaping tsp to 1 tablespoon for an espresso strength beverage

After the first sip, if you’re not in love with it try adding more Dandy Blend, a little at a time, till it’s to your desired taste.

Once you’ve tried it “black,” you can now try it other ways!

You can prepare it however you would make your coffee usually by adding agave, milk or even adding it to a smoothie. A fan favorite is mixing Dandy Blend in oat milk and adding ice for a cool break on a hot summer day or really any day of the year!

Some fans have even used Dandy Blend to make a “coffee” ice cream or replaced the espresso in the tiramisu they’re baking.

If you’re an “I can’t live without my coffee” kind of person, we totally understand.  Think of Dandy Blend as your afternoon break from caffeine. We promise your body will thank you.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of dandelions in an instant!

For the best Dandy Blend, here’s how to keep your powder fresh.


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