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Nearly every item at the grocery store includes a label of some kind. Dairy free, vegan, the list goes on. They can be difficult to decipher, sometimes. One particular label, non-GMO, is an important one. You can find it on everything from fruit and vegetables to sweets and coffee alternatives. But what is it?

In today’s blog, we’re covering everything there is to know about non-GMO labels–what is non-GMO, what does it mean for a product to be non-GMO certified, and if Dandy Blend is non-GMO.

GMO Free sign

*Photo courtesy of olivier-le-moal

What is Non-GMO?

GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms”. Any plant, microorganism, or other organism, even animals, that have been modified using genetic engineering is considered a GMO. This is a form of crossbreeding, and in short, creates variations of organisms that do not occur naturally. [1]

Most genetically modified plants are more stable than naturally occurring plants, so crop owners can use stronger herbicides on them to keep pests away. However, the result of this is that we’re then consuming those herbicides, which can be detrimental to our health. [2]

So, when you see a label that says a product is non-GMO, that means it’s completely free of genetically modified organisms. Therefore, it does not contain any genetically modified ingredients. With the growing concern about carcinogenic herbicides on food, non-GMO is a clear label to help your consumption decisions. [3]

Is Dandy Non-GMO?

The short answer is yes, all Dandy Blend ingredients are non-GMO project verified. You can view our non-GMO certificate of authenticity here.

Not only is Dandy Blend non-GMO certified, but all of the ingredients sourced are grown in Poland, where GMO crops are not allowed. This is an important aspect of Dandy Blend. We want consumers to know that our delicious coffee alternative blend is a feel-good drink.

Next time you see a non-GMO label on one of your favorite products, know that they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality product they could create.

Happy Sipping!

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Dandy Blend is not a supplement or medicine. Any health related questions or concerns, we always recommend consulting with your primary care physician.

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