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Have you ever had coffee late in the day and ended up tossing and turning all night, unable to comfortably doze off? This is likely due to the high caffeine content in coffee. While coffee is just doing its job–keeping you awake–it’s unenjoyable to feel restless all night, only to wake up feeling like you need more coffee to make it through the next day.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing more about the relationship between coffee and sleep, and how you can get better sleep without coffee.

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Coffee and Sleep

They’re almost opposites, coffee and sleep. While very different, their relationship to one another is quite intertwined. Sleep too little, and you may feel like you need more coffee. Drink too much coffee and you may sleep too little. The cycle continues.

The reason for this is because coffee contains the natural stimulant, caffeine. Caffeine can have positive effects, like helping you wake up, stay alert, and feel productive. However, there’s a tipping point for everyone. Excess caffeine intake can throw off our body’s natural rhythm, which impacts the quality of sleep we get.

How To Experience Better Sleep Without Coffee

There are a few ways to get better sleep without coffee. Below you can find three easy, and actionable ways to do so.

  1. Create a Caffeine Window
    A caffeine window is a timeframe in your day where caffeine consumption is allowed. For example, allowing yourself to have your first cup of coffee as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 2 p.m. is a common coffee window. This can help ensure you’re not drinking coffee too close to bedtime. Even though you may already know not to have caffeine too late in the day, a predetermined window of time can help you stay on track and even encourage you to cut yourself off before the set limit.
  2. Reduce Your Caffeine Content
    Even if you don’t want to cut coffee out of your diet completely, reducing the amount of caffeine you have per day can help improve your overall sleep quality. Let’s say you normally drink two cups of coffee per day. Reducing to one cup of coffee, and one cup of an herbal alternative per day can help reduce your overall caffeine intake. Dandy Blend is a delicious alternative for coffee drinkers especially, because it has a very similar flavor profile.
  3. Support Your Coffee Intake
    In addition to the above tips, making sure that you’re eating with or before you consume caffeine can also help the body metabolize it better. [1] We’ve all had the experience of a crazy spike in jittery energy, and it’s not fun. Drinking coffee with food, especially a hearty meal, can reduce that rollercoaster of energy. When you reduce those highs and lows, your body is in a lower stress state. Less stress = better sleep.

Happy Sipping!

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