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While it can seem like a badge of honor to be booked and busy, it’s also important to not let burnout sneak in. Staying productive and achieving your goals is great, but maintaining a balance of rest and work is key to long-term success. If you ever felt wiped beyond belief last year, it’s time you try these five tips to avoid burnout going into 2023.

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What is Burnout?

Burnout is essentially the feeling of running on fumes. A perfect example is someone who always has plans, their phone is attached at their hip, work hours bleed into personal hours, and they never take a minute for themselves. Don’t be fooled, burnout can look different for everyone. At its core, feeling burnt out looks like not being able to jump off the go-go-go train.

5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

If you already feel burnt out, or you want to avoid feeling it again, here are our five go-to tips for staying cool and collected.

  1. Schedule Free Time
    It’s almost an oxymoron, but it works. Penciling in nothing or scheduling your meditation is a great way to stay accountable to your rest mode. If you love having a schedule, then make it work for you. Put going for a walk, doing yoga, or staring at the clouds on your agenda for the day. Even better, make it a recurring meeting with yourself. You’ll start to look forward to it every week.
  2. Learn to Say No
    Boundaries are important to help avoid burnout. When we say yes to everyone and everything, it leaves very little room for ourselves. If you have to be up early, get comfortable with saying no to happy hour the night before. The most important time to say no, though, is when you genuinely don’t want to do something. Doing what you don’t love is the easiest way to get burnt out.
  3. Adjust Your Alarm
    If you wake up to an air horn noise every morning, consider a more soothing wake-up tune. The alarming sound you wake up to sets the tone for your day, so you should make it a good one. If we rise with a jolt, it can add a level of stress or resentment that we don’t even notice until months or years later. Pick a calming noise or your favorite feel-good song and watch how it transforms your mood.
  4. Give Yourself Working Hours
    Whether you work a 9-5 or you’re a buzzing entrepreneur, make sure to give yourself clear on and off the clock hours. When you’re always on call, it creates a sense of urgency and alertness that can distract you from stopping to smell the roses. Simply setting your phone to “Do Not Disturb” or creating boundaries on your work messaging system is a great way to step away while communicating with your team that you’re offline.
  5. Find a Mindless Hobby
    There’s this idea that everything we do needs to be profitable or picturesque to be worthwhile. In fact, this takes away from the joys of having a hobby. Try to do something each day that has no other purpose than to make you happy and relaxed. Maybe it’s painting, reading, creating model airplanes, anything.

If all else fails, make yourself a cup of Dandy Blend and sit back and relax. Since there’s zero caffeine in Dandy Blend, it won’t make you jittery when you’re trying to come down from a high-paced or stressful day. Feeling burnout is common, and each day is a new opportunity to feel your best. Give these tips a try next time you’re feeling burnout creep in, and let us know how you like them.

Happy Sipping!

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