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Terms & Conditions

Returns and Exchanges

We want customers to be happy with our products, and will always replace or give credit for product which is unsatisfactory within one year of date of purchase. However, we will not refund the larger bags of product because the flavor was unacceptable. For that reason we offer samples, which give you a chance to try Dandy Blend at a low cost before investing in the large amount. Please, if your store doesn’t have samples for sale, request samples from this website or phone us at 800-697-4858.

Outdated product

Because DB is made only of extracts that don’t oxidize, go rancid, or otherwise go bad, we have, and use ourselves, product that is over 12 years old that is still as good as the new product.

We send product with at least 1 year remaining before expiration, and do not take back outdated products. If products are not moving fast, it is your responsibility to keep track of the dates, and offer them on special if they are approaching expiration. Please be aware that the date is only there because we are required to provide it. We are always available to provide you with assistance in finding ways to sell (POS posters, newspaper ads, shelf talkers, articles for local newspapers about DB, etc) if you call us.

Payment Methods

We are a small company, because of this, Goosefoot Acres primarily accepts credit cards for payment, as well as PayPal. On rare occasions, we accept payment “on receipt”, and even rarer, it grants terms of “Net 30 days” for wholesale customers.

Your credit card statement will show, “Goosefoot Acres” as the merchant of sale for products ordered.

For those accounts which are “on receipt”, payment is expected within 10 days. A 2% penalty is assessed to accounts which are overdue, and the “on receipt” and “Net 30” privileges are lost on accounts late more than 3 times.