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There’s nothing better than receiving a package from a brand you love. We may be biased, but a fresh stock of Dandy Blend just hits the spot, especially if you’ve been running low. The best way to ensure you make the most of your new supply is to properly store your Dandy Blend. If you’ve been keeping yours sealed in the bag, that’s A-OK but we have some tips for you, too

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Why Storage Matters

The importance of properly storing your Dandy Blend is so that it’s as fresh and delicious as possible for as long as possible. Think about a bag of chips. If you leave them open and unsealed for too long, they’ll become stale. Dandy Blend doesn’t go bad quite like that, but it may start to lose its rich, aromatic flavor that you know and love. Whether you want a quick and easy tip or an aesthetically pleasing organizer, we’ve got you covered.

Organizational Tips to Keep Your Dandy Blend Fresh

Here are three of our go-to organizational tips for keeping your Dandy Blend fresh and delicious:

1. Store in Glass

If you like to transfer your protein powders and Dandy Blend to a coordinating jar for easy access, we recommend glass. Not only is glass an excellent choice for sustainability, but it’s also non-toxic. Non-toxic materials like glass don’t react with other materials (including food), unlike chemicals which can leach into food. Glass storage will guarantee your Dandy Blend is fresh, and good to go anytime you want it. Be sure to use a tight-fitting lid, no matter what type of storage you choose.

2. Avoid Heat

Whether you keep your Dandy Blend in its original bag or transfer it to another container, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and avoid heat. Beside or above your stovetop or in the windowsill are examples of places not to keep your Dandy Blend. The best place to store it would be in a dark pantry away from heat-emitting appliances.

3. One Clean Scoop

It’s common for people to leave a designated spoon or scoop in their bag of Dandy Blend or on top of their glass jar. While this seems harmless, the best way to keep our delicious coffee alternative as fresh as possible is to use a new, clean measuring device each time. Water or milk may splash on the spoon that’s going back in the bag, or if it’s wood it may absorb moisture from the steam of your cup and then bring that into your bag. The safest way to ensure a fresh brew every time is to use a clean spoon or scoop each time.

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Dandy Blend is not a supplement or medicine. Any health related questions or concerns, we always recommend consulting with your primary care physician.

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