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There’s nothing worse than having trouble sleeping. Whether it takes you hours to fall asleep, you toss and turn all night, or you feel groggy every time your alarm goes off, it’s time to make some changes. Some people feel like they’re just destined to a life of poor sleep, when in fact, we have a lot more control than we give ourselves credit.

Today, we’re sharing five of our favorite tools to help you sleep better. Try adding one or more of these to your life and see how quickly your nightly Z’s improve.

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5 Products to Improve Sleep Quality

If you have trouble getting to bed each night, here are five tools to help you sleep better:

  1. Eye mask
    The easiest way to improve sleep quality is to make your room as dark as possible. Instead of expensive blackout curtains, try an eye mask. In addition to sleep trouble, one study found that people who slept with a small amount of light experienced increased heart rates through the night, and had difficulty balancing their blood sugar the next morning. [1] This goes to show that even the slightest bit of light can disrupt your sleep.
  2. Weighted blanket
    If you struggle with insomnia, you may want to give a weighted blanket a go. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that people who opted for a weighted blanket were 26x more likely to decrease their experiences of insomnia by 50%. [2] That’s a significant improvement. Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like – heavy blankets. They’re shown to help calm the nervous system, which explains their sleep-inducing effects.
  3. Sound Machine
    City dwellers especially benefit from sound machines. If you think your sleep is affected by outside noises, it’s time to set a new tune for your slumber. Sound machines are a great, relaxing way to help your body and mind unwind. You can choose from nature sounds and ambient noise to help you drift off. When you wake up in the morning, you won’t even remember falling asleep.
  4. Dandy Blend
    Reduce caffeine. It’s many people’s least favorite conversation, but it needs to happen if you want to improve sleep quality. Caffeine has a half-life of between 1.5 and 9.5 hours. [3] That means it can take up to 19 hours to rid your body of caffeine molecules. Giving your body a break from caffeine is a great way to support better sleep. Swapping for a delicious alternative with comparable taste, like Dandy Blend, is a great way to reduce caffeine without feeling deprived.
  5. Blue-blocking glasses
    If giving up TV and social media scrolling before bed isn’t an option for you, it’s time to invest in blue-blocking glasses. Exposing yourself to artificial light close to bedtime is the best way to sabotage your sleep schedule. One study found that outside of poor sleep, artificial light can have negative effects on psychological, cardiovascular, and metabolic functions. [4] Put your shades on, and thank us later.

Happy Snoozing!

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