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Most songs refer to winter holidays as the most wonderful time of the year. While it can be a joyful, heart-warming time, it can also be stressful. Flights may not land on time, family members can act out, and so much more. Still, we are beings of choice who can choose how we respond to the holidays and anything which might happen.

To work and alleviate some of the stress you may experience this year, we’re sharing four soothing tips on how to reduce stress during the holiday season.

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There are so many different reasons you might experience holiday stress. It’s a time of year when we’re expected to spend money on presents for everyone. Money can be a major cause of stress even outside of the holiday season. Overspending or under-gifting can cause some major holiday jitters.

Spending time with family can also be stressful for people. Whether you’re not close with your family, you have lost loved members, or you simply couldn’t travel to be with everyone this year, family can be the cause of stress during the holidays.

Another overlooked cause of holiday stress is striving for perfection, especially if you’re hosting. It may be the one time of year you get everyone in one place, or you’ve been building up excitement to make a new recipe. As you can see, there’s no one reason that causes holiday stress.


Here are four tips on how to reduce stress and enjoy the holidays.

    1. Mentally prepare and let the Universe take the wheel
      After you’ve bought all the presents and cleaned your house from top to bottom, leave some room to mentally prepare for the holiday. Set aside at least ten minutes to affirm that you have done everything you could up to this point, and now what will be, will be. Mentally prepare that things may not go as planned, people might show up late, or that things could exceed your expectations.
    2. Have a plan and then relax
      If you know what sets you off – your rowdy uncle or a burnt pie crust – prepare for it to happen just in case. Know what helps you calm down and make room for it in the event you feel stress bubbling. Keep some essential oils on hand, head to the bathroom for a few deep breaths, or run to your room for a quick pillow scream. Allow yourself to let off steam in a feel-good way. Letting your emotions bottle up will only feel worse in the end.
    3. Recognize the impermanence
      Even if you’re in the heat of the moment, try and remember that the time (hour, day, or weekend) will pass. No matter how stressful setting up, keeping the peace, or cooking everything at once can feel, it’s completely impermanent. Reminding yourself of this simple fact can help ease your nerves and go with the flow, knowing it won’t last forever.
    4. Find the silver lining
      Despite all of the holiday shenanigans that can happen, try and focus on the good. Maybe it’s the only time you get to see your cousins, or the only time of year you take time off work. Find one thing to be grateful for and focus on it. Giving yourself a positive distraction will help calm your nerves.

And if all else fails, grab yourself a cup of Dandy Blend, find a quiet space inside or in nature outside away from the chaos and breath in the peace.

Happy Sipping & happy holidays!

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