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No one is a stranger to sleepless nights. Whether you experience them once in a blue moon or regularly, they can be extremely disruptive to your day or even week. What’s worse is when your child has trouble sleeping. While adults may get away with a sleepy pill here and there, kiddos need gentle, natural support to get quality Z’s—especially once the back to school excitement (or nerves) hits.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing three amazing kid friendly sleep support hacks. These are great for young ones, but can be just as effective for adults.

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Importance of Sleep

Sleep is vital to our well-being. It’s a magical activity that keeps us healthy and happy. During slumber, our brains work tirelessly to help consolidate memories, process emotions, and reset our mental state. It’s also the time that our body undergoes recovery like repairing tissues, boosting our immune system, and releasing growth hormones. Without adequate rest, we’re left feeling cranky and lethargic, struggling to face the challenges of the day—no matter our age.

So, how can we ensure we get enough of this precious resource? Keep reading for our three tips for supporting anyone who has trouble sleeping.

3 Tips for Back to School Sleep Support

Here are three kid friendly sleep support tips to help with any back to school nerves:

1. Create Routine

Morning routines are always a hot topic, but have you ever tried a nighttime routine? Just like a morning routine can help set the tone for the day ahead, a nighttime routine helps prepare the body for a good night’s rest. This is a great time to put electronics away, dim the lights, finish up in the bathroom, and start to wind down. Kids and adults alike can benefit from reading before bed, journaling, sharing intentions or lessons from the day, and making peace with the day you’ve had. Think of it as tying the day up with a nice bow. Sticking to this routine, especially when done around the same time each night, can make a positive impact on sleep quality.

Bonus tip for parents: swap your afternoon coffee for Dandy Blend. Reducing caffeine later in the day can help reduce tossing and turning at nighttime.

2. Try Tart Cherry Juice

It’s not a trend, it’s a tried and true remedy for insomnia—it’s tart cherry juice. Tart cherry juice has gained popularity for its ability to support anyone who has trouble sleeping. It’s not a gimmick, though. One study found that people who had tart cherry juice before bed experienced increased sleep time and efficiency, along with reduced inflammation. [1] If the taste is a bit strong for you or your kiddos, mix it with some sparkling water. Everyone will be dozing off in no time.

3. Follow the Sun

Nature never steered us wrong. We know it’s daytime when the sun is out, and nighttime when the moon is out. The more closely we live according to these time tellers, the more likely we are to sleep better and have more energy during waking hours. The best way to do this is to start to wind down and dim the lights when the sun starts to set and get moving and turn on the lights when the sun rises. This helps reset our natural circadian rhythm, and it’s just as helpful for adults as it is for kids. More so, it can help keep everyone on a similar schedule.

Give these tips a try as you and your family get back into the swing of school things. Sweet dreams!

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