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Coffee, like most controversial things, is fun…until it’s not. There may be seasons of your life where coffee has a beautiful place, and it serves you well. There may be other times where you feel like it’s time to give up coffee, because it’s doing more harm than good. This can be caused by a change in environment, big life transition, or anything else that may alter your sensitivity to caffeine.

Regardless of your reasoning, knowing how to quit coffee can be simple when done right. There are so many amazing coffee alternatives on the market, and it’s never been an easier time to give up coffee. Today we’re sharing a simple, step-by-step protocol for quitting coffee, plus our favorite coffee alternative. If you’re interested in how to reduce your caffeine intake instead, check out this blog.

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Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative

Dandy Blend is a delicious, herbal alternative to coffee. It has a delightful, coffee-like aroma, and contains zero caffeine. Dandy Blend coffee alternative is a great tool for helping to reduce caffeine, or even cut it out completely. There are so many ways to enjoy Dandy Blend, and it can take the place of any recipe you love that calls for coffee.

How To Quit Coffee

Quitting coffee should be approached just like any other goal you have. First, identify a strong reason why you want to do so. This can be any reason at all, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. Next, you need to devise a plan. This is the tricky part. Most people think they can just stop drinking coffee, and then voila, they’ve quit coffee. However, understanding how to quit coffee, or anything for that matter, requires a bit more work. In most nutrition practices, before a person gets rid of anything in their diet, they first need to establish what they’re going to “crowd it out” with. For example, instead of just quitting coffee, you can crowd it out with Dandy Blend. This way you’re not missing out on your favorite morning routine, you’re just replacing it with something else.

It’s also a good idea to ease into the “crowding out”. Below is a great, simple table for taking small steps toward quitting caffeine. Going about it slowly over time will yield the most successful, sustainable results. This is a general suggestion, and does not need to be followed to a T. If you drink more coffee, it may take longer. If you drink less coffee, it may happen faster.

Week 1 Crowd out coffee 1x per week
Week 2 Crowd out coffee 2x per week
Week 3 Crowd out coffee 3x per week
Week 4 Crowd out coffee 4x per week
Week 5 Crowd out coffee 5x per week

Happy Sipping!

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Dandy Blend is not a supplement or medicine. Any health related questions or concerns, we always recommend consulting with your primary care physician.