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If February were a color, it would be pink or red. Sorry, whether you like it or not there’s no denying that Valentine’s day has claimed February as the month of love. It’s all about heart-shaped candy and decor, grand gestures, and TLC. That doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for happy couples, though. No, February has evolved into a month that’s also about self-love, too. To celebrate, we’re sharing 5 unique ways to show yourself some love this month—taken or not.

Woman wrapping her arms around herself to give herself a hug

*Image by @wayhomestudio

Why Self Care Is Important

Self-care isn’t always bubble baths and face masks. It also includes the tough love we need sometimes, like completing a task we’ve been dreading but absolutely has to get done. In a lot of ways, self-care is a way of rebooting your system. It’s all about nurturing your body, mind, and soul—sometimes all at once. The reason self-care is so important is because it’s a way to help fill our cup. A full cup equals a happy you.

5 Ways to Show Yourself Self-Love

Here are 5 unique ways to show yourself some love this month:

1. Pick Up A New (or Old) Hobby

Growing up, we sometimes lose sight of the little joys. If you enjoyed rollerblading, birdwatching, skipping rocks, or any other hobby that “you don’t have time for anymore”, it could be a good time to pick it back up.

2. Declutter

A lot of the time, our surroundings reflect our head space. Pick an area of your home or office that could use an upgrade, and watch your stress melt away as garbage gets tossed, papers get organized, and new energy flows in.

3. Take Your Time

Instead of rushing through your next meal, laundry day, or errand run, see how you feel when you take your time. Put on some music, wear something you love, and practice being in the moment. Now that’s a self-care act no one talks about enough.

4. Throw Away Perfection

Adults have a tendency to do things purposefully. This is great in most scenarios, but sometimes our inner child needs some playtime. Pick up an activity, like painting or mud-pie-making, that is purely fun and doesn’t need to win an award.

5. Treat Yourself

Don’t think we were going to leave out the bubble baths and face masks. Self-care can absolutely look like a night in, lathered in skincare, wearing a fluffy robe, and sipping on a warm mug of Dandy Blend. Everyone needs a spa night here and there.

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