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So many of us wish we had more time in our day. While that’s not a technology we’ve mastered, we can surely organize our days more consciously. Instead of scrolling for hours, we can try to create little moments of joy in our daily routine, leading to more fulfillment and less feelings of “where did the day go?”

In today’s blog, we revisit the idea of joy sparkers, where the term came from, how to achieve it, and some of our favorite joy-sparking activities.

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What Does It Mean for Something to Spark Joy

The term “spark joy” became popular through the organization queen, Marie Kondo—a Japanese home organizing consultant and author. She introduced the concept of sparking joy in her bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. In her book, she encourages people to evaluate their belongings by holding each item and asking themselves whether it “sparks joy.” If an item does not spark joy, Kondo advises discarding or donating it.

This approach emphasizes the importance of surrounding ourselves with possessions that bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment, and getting rid of anything else. This concept has since become a popular catchphrase and guiding principle for many people who want to declutter and simplify their lives.

10 Joy Sparkers to Add to Your Daily Routine

Here are some of our go-to activities for sparking more joy in your days:

1. Sunshine

Getting outside, especially first thing in the morning, is a sure way to spark joy. Our bodies react with the sun (our greatest source of vitamin D) and can bring a sense of well-being to your day. Just a few minutes in the morning, afternoon, and sunset time can be a great mood changer.

2. Walk Breaks

If you work from home all day, give yourself a few walk breaks. They can be as little as five minutes or as long as an hour and beyond. Allowing your body to move without the intention of being productive or to sweat is a great way to clear your mind and calm your body.

3. Playlist Making

Raise your hand if you remember burning CDs! This was a primary love language pre-iPod time. To avoid losing this art we can take some time to create a playlist for yourself or someone you love—full of songs that make you happy, want to dance, or sing along.

4. Slow Sipping

How often do you take your beverage of choice on the go, chugging it between calls or tasks? Give yourself the luxury of slow sipping. Enjoy your warm mug of Dandy Blend outside, take your iced latte with a side of your favorite book, and just enjoy the taste without rushing.

5. Nothingness

Yes, we said it—nothingness sparks joy. Different from mediation, see if you can enjoy certain to-dos without a distraction. Stand in line at the bank without checking your phone, sit in the bath without a book, or fold the laundry without a show on. See how much lighter you feel after a full day of doing things with nothingness in mind.

6. True Self-Care

Sometimes we try to weasel our way into binge-watching trash TV or eating an extra serving of dessert as a claim to self-care. Instead, see if you can sit in bed with a face mask listening to nature sounds or make your morning Dandy Blend with the intention of writing your daily gratitude journal alongside. Reconsider what self-care feels like and squeeze it into your day.

7. Use Your Hands

Dig up some dirt and plant a tree. Pull and punch some flour to make sourdough. Use your hands more and don’t be afraid to get dirty. When we make things from scratch, whether it be food, gardening, building a bench, anything—we feel a sense of pride. Try it for yourself.

8. Phone a Friend

There’s nothing more comforting than a friend that gets you. Go for a walk or sit outside and enjoy the wave of stories with an old friend. Set a time that works for both of you or surprise them and hope for the best. This is a tried and true joy sparker.

9. Good Deeds

When we do good, we feel good. Hold the door for someone, buy the coffee for the person in line behind you, or offer to help a friend with their kids one afternoon. What may be a small commitment on our end can be a huge relief to someone else. Don’t forget, you’ll earn good karma in the process.

10. Laughter

Laugh! Make time in your day to laugh. Watch a stand-up comedian that you like, hang out with a friend who’s sure to bring the belly laughs, or give yourself the space to laugh out loud at a podcast or TV show you’re watching. It’s good for the soul.

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