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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the idea of starting your day slowly might seem like a luxury. However, in reality, taking the time to ease into your day can have profound benefits for your overall health and well-being, especially if you’re constantly juggling multiple responsibilities.

Today, we’re sharing a few reasons why having a slow morning can change the course of your day, and how to carve out some time to create a morning routine.

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Benefits of Slow Mornings

When you think of a hectic morning, the opposite of a slow one, it probably includes multi-tasking, scarfing down some cereal, and little opportunity to gather yourself before getting dressed and heading out the door. Consistently running on fumes like this can lead to burnout, a dysregulated nervous system, heightened inflammation, and more. [1

So what are the benefits of taking things slower? A calm, regulated nervous system can help keep the mind at ease, which can help:

  • Increase productivity throughout the day
  • Enhance creativity 
  • Improve overall well-being 
  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm

How to Create a Morning Routine

All of these benefits sound great, but how can we achieve them when we have the same 24 hours every day? You may think you don’t have time for a morning routine but even a couple of minutes to yourself in the morning can make a difference.

Setting your alarm just 5-10 minutes earlier than usual can be enough time to sit outside, read, journal, meditate, organize your thoughts for the day, or whatever else helps you feel grounded. This sense of foundation can make an impact on the rest of your morning and day.

Another great way to feel like you have a productive morning routine is to start habit stacking. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try red light therapy, for example, but you don’t think you have time. While you’re journaling or sipping on your first cup of Dandy Blend for the day, you can put your red light device on. This knocks out two or more tasks at once. 

Lastly, pivot your mindset to crave slow mornings. This might mean doing some of your morning tasks the night before. Let’s say you have three kids with science fairs the next day, maybe you can put their projects in the car the night before. You know that the morning will be a bit more hectic, so you also prepare some cold-brewed Dandy Blend ahead of time. Little adjustments like this can leave you more time in your morning to ease into the day, enjoy your new routine, and start the day on a positive note. 

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