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Today, we’ll be sharing the basics of dandelion root tea. What dandelion root is, how to make dandelion root tea, and how to make dandelion tea taste better.

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What Is Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root tea is a type of tea made from the dandelion plant, which is made up of four parts–roots, stem, leaves, and flower. Dandelions have been around for centuries, and have many uses. Dandelion root is a naturally bitter herb, and is honored for its many benefits and medicinal properties. Dandelion roots are especially nutritious, and are the main source of making the magical dandelion root tea we know and love.

How To Make Dandelion Root Tea

Learning how to make dandelion root tea is fairly simple, but time-consuming. You have to first gather dandelions, including the roots, which requires some digging. Then you need to cut and wash them well. Next, you’ll steep the dandelion parts in water for about an hour, then strain them to enjoy. There are much easier alternatives for enjoying the benefits of dandelion, though. You can purchase pre-bagged dandelion root tea, or you can enjoy dandelion root coffee, which is a tasty coffee alternative, and even more simple to make than tea as it doesn’t require steeping.

Delicious, Dandelion Root Tea

How to make dandelion tea taste better depends on the person. If you prefer bitter herbs, it may not need anything at all. It has a natural, earthy flavor. If you prefer sweeter drinks, you can add milk, honey, or cream.

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Alternatively, you can enjoy dandelion root coffee, which is easy to dress up or down as your favorite swap for coffee. If using Dandy Blend, simply stir the powder in water (hot, cold or room temperature) to dissolve. Then, you can add more water to enjoy it as a tea-like consistency or if you want it to feel like an espresso, add more powder. Are you a latte kind of human? Warm and froth your milk, and just add Dandy Blend powder. There are so many possibilities! If you need some inspiration, we have lots of recipe ideas to choose from. You can find them here.

Happy Sipping!

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