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Dandy Blend Coconut Icecream

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Dandy Blend Coconut Ice Cream Recipe
Dandy Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This recipe comes from Derevaun Pham’s blog and sounds fascinating. Let us know how you like it, and pass on any variations you feel might make it even better (preferably after you have tasted them yourself!)

Last night I finally made the coconut milk Ice Cream I had been wanting to make for a few days. Thank goodness I bought that bag of ice the other day.

1 can of coconut milk (organic)
2 tablespoons of coconut cream concentrate (Tropical Traditions)
1 big scoop of Dandy Blend
1 square of bittersweet chocolate
about 5” of Agar Agar (seaweed used for thickening)

Blended it all it the Vitamix for 3 minutes. Since the vitamix can warm and cook it did get warm so I added 1 cup of ice to cool it down and blend until you can no longer hear it.
I put everything in the ice cream maker and turn it on.

I waited until it was almost done and melted some chocolate with some coconut oil to make home-made chocolate chips in my ice cream. Just drizzle the mixture over the ice cream and mix it in just before packaging and freezing.

Amazing, I must say, for my first attempt at this kind of ice cream. It DOES taste like coconut.

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