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Summer 2024 is nearly upon us so it’s time to whip up your favorite iced Dandy Blend drink and pull out a pen and paper—your ultimate summer bucket list awaits. The excitement of (hopefully) slower work days, warmer weather, and some extra vitamin D can sometimes be overshadowed with our daily routines. While some of our favorite rituals are here to stay, creating a bucket list is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and create a summer to remember.

Choose one of our iced Dandy Blend recipes to make, take a seat outside, and brainstorm your summer bucket list with us.

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How to Create Your Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Make the most of summer 2024 with these bucket list items:

1. The Getaway Item

Every great bucket list has a travel box to check. Whether you venture to a local state or national park or fly around the world, getting out of the house and into a new environment is a sure way to boost your mood and create lifelong memories.

2. The Challenging Item

Seasons of life are built around getting out of our comfort zone. If you’ve been wanting to try rock climbing or to build your own chicken coop, add it to your list. Even seemingly smaller hurdles like flying solo to a networking event or finally learning how to mow the lawn in a fun design will empower you, leaving a lasting impression long after summer.

3. The Rest & Relaxation Item

As fun as adventuring can be, summer is nothing without some major chill mode, too. Make sure to add something like “24 hours with no plans” or “beach day, extra Dandy Blend espresso martinis” to your list for time to recharge.

4. The Foodie Item

Whether you love to cook or go out to eat, make sure you add a fun foodie item to your list this summer. Trying a new recipe or making the drive to a popular restaurant is a fun item to share with family or friends. Bonus points if you leave a kind review for the restaurant. Local businesses thrive on word of mouth.

5. The Feel-Good Item

There’s no better feeling than flexing our do-good muscles. Helping a neighbor in need, volunteering at a local animal shelter, or organizing a beach clean-up day will bring a smile to your face and others. We love this item because it’s an activity we often forget about, but can be the most rewarding.

We hope you have the best summer ever. Keep an eye out for more delicious Dandy Blend recipes and lifestyle tips on our blog.

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