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Dandy Blend, the Original Coffee Alternative Created by the King of Dandelions, Celebrates its 25 Year Anniversary

Celebratory Gift and Charitable Donation Linked to Special Purchase Timeframe to Mark the Occasion

25 years ago, Dandy Blend, the original coffee alternative that contains zero caffeine while maintaining the rich, bold, and creamy flavor of real coffee, was created by Dr. Peter Gail, the King of Dandelions.

In 1994, Dr. Gail, who had a passion for wild edible plants, created Dandy Blend as a basement business that has become a wildly popular beverage available in thousands of locations across the U.S. and Canada with shipping available worldwide. Dr. Gail had a Ph.D. in botany from Rutgers University in New Jersey and was a professor at Cleveland State University, in Cleveland Ohio, for 16 years. His primary research focus was on how various cultures used backyard weeds for food and medicine, during which he amassed one of the largest collections of recipes and folklore for wild edible plants in the United States. He left the university to follow his dreams of helping others learn the uses of plants for food and medicine.

Dandy Blend’s main and star ingredient is dandelion root, which is hailed by many for its various health benefits and is believed to detox the liver, soothe the nervous system, and calm the stomach. Both gluten and caffeine free, Dandy Blend is soluble in any liquid at any temperature to create a variety of beverages from iced coffees and lattes to cappuccinos. It is also used as an ingredient in various recipes like sweet treats and crafted cocktails.

To celebrate Dandy Blend’s Silver Jubilee, for 25 hours the first 250 Dandy Fans who place orders, at $15 or more, for any item(s) available in the store at will receive a 25th anniversary gift with purchase. Additionally, anyone who purchases during those 25 hours, 25% of their total purchase price will be donated to Windfall Industries charities. Founded in 1963, Windfall Industries is a 501c(3) non-profit that provides comprehensive training, career growth, job placement, and other vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Dandy Blend partners with Windfall often by offering the opportunity for individuals to experience and participate in warehouse activities – creating a fun and interactive environment for everyone involved.

*The celebratory purchase special will begin at 9 a.m. EST Friday, October 25, and is available until 10 a.m. EST Saturday, October 26.

Dandy Blend is available in a variety of sizes and used around the world, whether to replace that morning coffee fix without the caffeine, an afternoon pick-me-up after a morning coffee routine or as an ingredient in recipes. Dandy Blend has no additives, preservatives or anything artificial and is gluten free – making it a flexible ingredient when being incorporated into recipes. It is kosher and also carries a certified organic line. The sweetness in Dandy Blend come from fructose that occurs naturally in roasted dandelion, and chicory roots.

Dandy Blend can be found in stores, offices, and boutiques across the country and in Canada. It is available in the U.S. via Amazon and internationally via iHerb. Various sizes, additional products and books can be purchased on Dandy Blend’s website.